Class of ’22 Baccalaureate


Mrs. Josselet, advisor

Sunday, May 22nd, the Class of 2022 gathered along with family, friends, teachers, and staff to celebrate their upcoming graduation and have a moment of devotion.  Karly Ivy gave the invocation with a beautifully worded prayer which was followed by the Denton County Cowboy Church band playing three worship songs that your boots tappin’ and some joy in your heart.  Clay Akins introduced the speaker of the night, senior pastor Jamie McClain of the Denton County Cowboy Church in Ponder.  Pastor McClain had a motivational and uplifting message of following our savior in life, doing right, and practicing kindness.   The slide show was next where a glimpse of the seniors as they grew up was shown with some cute and silly pictures.  The convocation was delivered by Breanna Hill and was a motivational prayer for her classmates.  Once the ceremony concluded, the seniors filed out and gathered in the cafeteria to visit with family and friends.  Next is the real deal- graduation on Monday, May 23rd at UNT Coliseum at 5:00.