Class of ’23 Gets Advice From Class of ’22

Class of 23 Gets Advice From Class of 22

Mrs. Josselet, adviser

The Class of 2022 didn’t want to leave PHS without giving some advice to next year’s seniors to help them with their senior year and all that comes with it.

Juke Kelley- Cherish every moment cause time flies.

Emma Haynes- Just go to school because Saturday school is boring.

Bryan DeLeon- Time flies and now you are here.

Joe Green- Make the most of this time and live life.

Sarah Lacy- Don’t care about anything else but the moment.

Eleanor Larson- Talk to your teachers and communicate with them.  They want to help but can’t if they don’t know what is going on.

Ashleigh Neace- Don’t give up and stay focused; if not, you’ll lose yourself and miss out on some of the fun.

Arely Arellano Agreda- Dreams don’t work unless you do.

Mason Pittman- Do your work and don’t slack off.

Maddie Hale- Don’t ever put things off, even the small things. Set a schedule for yourself and don’t get off of it.

Hanna Zimmerman- Enjoy every minute of it, and do not take the small things for granted.  Live everyday like it is your last and be fearless. Live like Sawyer Kate.

Rainey Edwards-Nelson- Make the most our of everything your senior year.

Connor Altes- Hang in there; it’s almost over.

Antonio Ramirez- My advice to you is to not live with any regret and remain genuine- not to the people around you, but to yourself. Loving yourself through your actions is very important; you are about to enter adulthood, and the one thing that will remain after high school is yourself.  So figure that part out before anything else<3.

Kenzi Crider- Cherish every moment you have in high school and play every game like it is your last because you never know when it could be your last game.

Riley Carroll- Enjoy it while it lasts.

Dakota Allen- Go to school.

Rey Martinez- Finish school.

Vanessa Ogie- Say I love you to the people you care for the most because tomorrow isn’t promised.

Caitlyn Cox- Participate.  That’s the main thing. Go out have fun and remember your last year of high school.

Gabby McEwen- Relax and take in every moment.  Senior year goes by faster than you think.

Shelby Magruder- Don’t get caught up in trying to please others and altering yourself for the benefit of other people.  You will find your people sooner or later.

Jillian Roberts- Go to sporting events, participate in theme days, have school spirit, take advantage of the experiences put before you.

Reece Pagel- Senior year definitely goes by fast, but senioritis makes every day fell like torture.

Kelani Burleyson- Start doing your college stuff at the beginning of the year.

Destiny Wolf- Make as many memories as possible with those close to you.  It flies by in the blink of an eye.

Hayes Hutcherson- Stay focused, even if you feel like you are done here- you are not! There is always something to do.  Stay productive!

Haley Voelkel- It’s okay to fail.  Nobody said life will be easy.  Trying is believing that you can do it.  When you try, you succeed.

Kamrie Green- Just live your life; it’ll go by quick.

Kelli Muncy- Start looking at colleges a the beginning of the year- don’t wait!

Sydney Ray- It’s okay if you don’t go to college; just have a plan before you graduate.  Get out of the Ponder bubble!

Bodi Gill- Do not give up simply because the end is near.  Continue to strive for excellence, and never let anyone tell you that your accomplishments don’t matter- even yourself.

Kara Barreraz- Stop talking crap about your peers, and start putting your mind into growing up.  None of the high school drama will matter once you graduate.  Soak in every game, performance, and quality time with your friends.

Alicia Izaguirre- Don’t sweat it. Live your best years to the fullest.  Do something crazy you’ve always wanted to do; no one can stop you.  Make sure to know what you want to do in the future PRONTO!

Mollie Taft- The last year goes by fast, so make as many memories as you possibly can.

Alexis Soto- Don’t be fazed by what people say.

Carmen Mejia- BRING. A. CAMERA.  Document everything on a camera.  Make a movie out of it at the end of the year, or you will regret it like I did.  Photos last a long time, and you will wish you had the memories recorded.

Halim Rifai- Don’t take yourself or anything too seriously, and just try to have fun.

Nia Smith- Don’t waste your time on people when they aren’t going to be there for you.  Focus on you, and keep your mind focused.

Payton Coffey- It’s a lot more stressful than it should be, but have fun.

Hayden McFarland- Take pictures.  They will make it last longer.

Ryder Cassady- Don’t skip out on things.  It’s your last chance.

Emily Avalos- Enjoy your senior year as much as you can, and start looking into scholarships and careers as soon as you can, too.

Rachel Seay- Apply yourself, and be involved in everything you can.  The time goes by so fast!

Manuel Melchor- Keep it calm, don’t rush, set goals, and try new things.

Jack Laughlin- Escape while you still can.

Jake Morrow- Good luck.

Thomas DeLange- Take any opportunities that come your way.  Don’t regret not doing something.

Graham McDaniel- Don’t fail senior year, and take all the easy classes.

Andrew Rodriguez- Just pass.

Garrett Fox- Stop the drama, and don’t stress out.

Jayda Snodgrass- Talking to people isn’t that bad sometimes.

Arancha Hervas- Enjoy your last year of high school and live every little moment there.  You will not have it again, so appreciate it.

Ashton Cross- Enjoy it as much as you can and be planning for the future.