Most Memorable Times at PHS

Most Memorable Times at PHS

Cherokee Farmer , reporter

Senior Ponder Lions were asked what there most memorable thing at PHS was and this is what they said…

Juke Kelley – “winning homecoming king”

Emma Haynes – “probably the student section at all the games”

Bryan Deleon- “every football season I had doesn’t matter when”

Joe Green – “pep rallies and student section”

Sarah Lacy – “The beginning of Senior Year, everything was new but nostalgic. We did something every month, we hanged out everyday after school. We did every spirit week, we went all out everyday. It as truly the beginning of the end”

Eleanor Larson – “Playing sports, I have loved every second of every track meet and golf tournament and the memories I made while doing the sports I love with my friends who have made me the person I am and the coaches who always saw the best in me”

Ashley Neace – “My Sophomore year we were coming back home from a softball game and we had the speaker and had almost a whole karaoke session in the the back of the bus”

Annette Agreda – “honestly everything it was a good experience to be here and make new friends that always had been here for me and a bad moments.

Mason Pittman – “one of the times that a spider scared Mrs Crider”

Maddie Hale – “I have loved every moment of my experience while on the dance team”

Hanna Zimmerman – “My most memorable time at PHS is being a part of the marching band. From running on the field after a volleyball game freshman year to conducting and throwing my flag senior year. I would not trade the long days and hot practices for anything”

Rainey Edwards-Nelson – “My most memorable times at PHS have to be attending football and basketball games”

Connor Altes – “Going to my last prom was the most memorable, to think its all about to be over soon.

Antonio Ramirez – “My most memorable time at PHS would have to be preforming in Fall Play and just attending each practice. I love the people and their genuineness. I wish I would have joined my Freshman year, but ending my high school career on that note is enough for me. Adored every second”

Kenzie Crider – “The most memorable time in high school for me was shooting the winning free throws in the regional semi-finals game against Winnsboro”

Riley Carroll – “Baseball freshman year with my friends”

Dakota Allen – “When I graduate”

Rey Martinez – “Bring anything but a backpack day”

Vanessa Ogie – “My most memorable time at PHS was getting to be with my friends I know consider my family. Playing with my team mates will be a memory I cherish forever”

Caitlyn Cox – “My most memorable time at PHS was being in power lifting. It turned into a sport that I now love and am thankful for!”

Brandon Wright – “someone who will not be named putting a piece of metal into an electrical socket in Mr. Hanes room.”

Gabriella McEwen – “Being part of the Legacies”

Shelby Magruder – “I remember feeling extremely anxious and terrified for my first day of school here Junior year, I was so scared of not making any friends coming from such a big school. That first day in accounting class I met an amazing friend and all of that anxiety washed away. From then on, I’ve felt comfortable here”

Jillian Roberts – “My most memorable time at PHS is all of the basketball games. Home games where we would stack the strands and people would actually be cheering with us, and all the way into playoffs where we would stay spirited until the very end.”

Reece Pagel – ” I enjoyed having a really fun and successful tennis season this year, and I also loved being in Mrs. Bielers AP Calculus class.”

Kelani Burleyson – “beginning of the year”

Destiny Wolf – “all the times I hung out with my closest friends.”

Hayes Hutcherson – ” I recall a football game this year where I had made a catch and then trucked one of the corner guarding me. Everyone on the sideline and in the stands hyped me up for the rest of the night! There was so much positivity¬† and encouragement from everyone surrounding me.”

Haley Voelkel – “Playing my crash cymbals with Mariah Gill at football games”

Kamrie Howard – ” meeting every grade under us and bullying them, and the first time I drove to school by myself I slipped on a slippery spot in the parking lot and fell in a puddle of water.”

Kelli Muncy – “spending literally every weekend with my friends”

Sydney Ray – “Going to Andy’s frozen custard with Mollie, Hannah, Kailey, Joe, and Bryan and staying in the parking lot having a dance party for a straight hour after basketball playoff game.”

Bodi Gill – “My favorite memory from high school is not having to go to high school during the pandemic and the ice pocalypse”

KaraLena Barreraz – “starting the Legacies”

Alicia Izaguirre – “My most memorable time here was definitely being a part of the Legacies and having the opportunity to dance with the most amazing group of girls on Friday nights. ”

Mollie Taft – “Coming here four months ago and making so many friends in and out of softball. Everyone made me feel at home.”

Alexis Soto – “The time I spent with anyone but kara.”

Carmen Mejia – “Most memorable time at PHS would be the theater Lock-in. Almost everyone in the friend group was there and we spent all night together playing games, watching movies and playing Hide-n-seek in the dark.”

Halim Rifai – “My most memorable moment at Ponder High School was learning stage combat in theater class with my buddies.”

Nia Smith – “the most memorable time for me was hanging out with my friends.”

Payton Coffey – “The time I stole a muffin from the teachers lounge”

Hayden McFarland – “For me, it was the time I spent working on plays with McNair.

Ryder Cassady – “The only person to accidentally throw the stick behind the bleachers.”

Emily Avalos – ”

Rachel Seay – ” A memorable time was being shut down not onlt because of covid-19, but also during the snow storm. It made high school go by faster than I expected,”

Manuel Melchor – ” Cafeteria lunch before the pandemic with the boys first and second year.”

Jack Laughlin – “when jake broke a desk by sitting in it just now”

Jack Morrow – ” My sisters graduation”

Thomas DeLange – “Walking out to receive our band’s placement at area and hearing the cheers from our bands when they announced our results.”

Graham McDaniel – “cleaning the lunch room freshman year”

Andrew Rodriguez – ” last day of school”

Garrett Fox – “being an athletic trainer and helping out with sports”

Arancha Hervas – “living all those experiences that i cannot have in Spain as the football games or prom”

Ashton Cross – “Competing in baseball and cross country and just spending time with my teammates and friends.”