My Friends Will Be….

My Friends Will Be....

Judith Garcia, Reporter

Part of our senior edition of The Roar has always been asking the grads where they see themselves in 10 years.  It is always fun to see what they predict.  But it is even more fun to see where they think their fellow classmates will end up! So here is where they think the rest of the class in be …in 10 years…

Juke Kelley sees his friends, Cooper Perkins, still living in Lubbock and Connor Altes, working at NASA.

Emma Haynes sees her friend, Caitlyn working and not partying.

Bryan Deleon sees his friend, Kris Hicks, being a certified electrician.

Joe Green sees his friends, Bryan Deleon – deported, Juke Kelly – used car salesman, Kris Hicks – living in the nudist colony with his grandpa, and Hannah Jackson – bartender at Hooters.

Sarah Lacy sees her friend, Kelli Muncy, traveling around the world singing, settling down in London with several little dogs.

Eleanor Larson sees her friends, Kelli Muncy being a professional movie score composer and singing tracks in films and Addy Gammons, as a pediatric doctor and being a leader within her church.

Ashleigh Neace sees her friend, Synphanie Dennis, having a life much like hers.

Annette Arely Arellano Agreda sees her sister having a dream job and with 3 or 4 kids and being a great mom.

Mason Pittman sees his friend, Lisa, working as a security guard in Golden Triangle Mall.

Hanna Zimmerman sees her friend, Casey Conner, as Casey Aja and she hope Tim hasn’t changed his career again.

Rainey Edwards-Nelson sees her friend, Ava, living in Flordia somewhere along the beach living her best life.

Connor Altes sees his friend, Juke, raising his kids next to his kids.

Kenzie Crider sees her friend, Tate Wells, being a head coach at a high school, winning herself multiple state titles.

Riley Carroll sees his friend, Graham McDaniel, working on trains.

Dakota Allen sees his friend, Graham McDaniel, on choo choo trains working.

Rey Martinez sees all his friends successful.

Vanessa Ogie sees her friend, Gabby, becoming a nurse.

Caitlyn Cox sees all her friends doing what they love and becoming successful at it.

Brandon Wright sees his friend, Thomas DeLange, as a successful programmer.

Gabriella McEwen sees her best friend, Maddie Hale, being a fashion designer living her life in Paris.

Shelby Magruder sees her friend, Ruben Martinez, running his own real estate business.

Reece Pagel sees her friends, Tyler and Clay Akins, living in Nevada.

Kelani Burleyson sees her friend, Destiny Wolf, in Arizona with lots of animals and maybe married.

Destiny Wolf sees her friend, Kelani Burleyson, married and living her dream life and making lots and lots of money, on X-Ray machines.

Hayes Hutcherson sees his friend, Juke Kelley, working his way up in the work force to become one of the greatest leaders.

Haley Voelkel sees her friend, Kallie Terry, being a good mom and owning her parents’ coffee shop.

Kamrie Howard sees her friend, Kara, being a Big Bank cosmetologist.

Kelli Muncy sees her friend, Sarah Lacy, working as a child counseler, or making a difference by educating people about mental health. She also sees her friend, Eleanor Larson, either being a super successful accountant, or acting in her famous sitcom and winning 10 Oscars, and she would also receive many recognitions from the military.

Sydney Ray sees her friend, Mollie Taft, starting the major league for softball.

Bodi Gill sees his friend, Jack Laughlin, working in an earth science field.

KaraLena Barreraz sees her friend, Kamrie Green, in France pursuing her dream of being a private investigator.

Alicia Izaguirre sees her friend, Rachel Seay, living her best life and having a good career.

Mollie Taft sees her friend, Sydney Ray, ranching or in the rodeo and have her family started with Wyatt and her friend, Hannah Jackson, helping special needs kids and loving every moment with them.

Alexis Soto sees his friends being rich.

Carmen Mejia sees her friend, Sarah Lacy, trying to gather everyone in the friend group for a 10 year reunion in a cabin in Colorado for a week.

Halim Rifai sees his friend, Jack Laughlin, on his couch watching Jimmy Fallon clips on youtube on a 100″ plasma screen..

Payton Coffey sees his friend, Cooper Perkins, working with a wife and two divorces.

Hayden McFarland sees his friend, Jack Laughlin, having a published comic and his other friend, Halim Rifai, living on his couch rent free.

Ryder Cassady sees his friend, Hayden McFarland, serving time in a State penitentiary.

Emily Avalos sees her friend, Arely, building her own business.

Rachel Seay sees her friend, Kara Barrerez, with a family, being an esthetician, and hopefully giving her facials.

Manuel Melchor sees his friends doing what they ambition on doing successfully.

Jack Laughlin sees his friend, Halim, taking over the family business and his friend, Hayden McFarland, having his own video game.

Jake Morrow sees his friend, Jack Laughlin, as Secretory of defense.

Thomas DeLange sees his friend, Bodi Gill, go into music education and become a choir teacher.

Graham McDaniel sees his friend, Rey Martinez, being retired.

Andrew Rodriguez sees his friends living a good life.

Garrett Fox sees his friend, Joe Green working at a meat factory.

Felicity Camacho sees her friends in adult day care or behind bars.

Jayda Snodgrass sees all her friends doing well for themselves.

Arancha Hervas sees her friends working in what they love and living their best life.

Ashton Cross sees his friend, Graham McDaniel, following his plans and working on choo choo trains.