Ten Years Later.. Senior Edition


Ashleigh Neace, reporter

The Class of ’22 was asked where do you see yourself in 10 years and here’s the responses:

Making money- Juke Kelly

Married, making good money and maybe a kid- Emma Haynes

Making blue prints for my dad’s company- Bryan DeLeon

Head coach at at 2A high school living in a double wide on land- Joe Green

Hopefully living in Seattle, done with school. I hope I’m happy and still keep in touch with all my good friends that I have right now- Sarah Lacy

I plan to be working at a great accounting job and  going on adventures and traveling- Eleanor Larson

In 10 years id be 28 years old by this time I hope to have a family of my own my own house, and hopefully I’m a teacher by then-Ashleigh Neace

Well I see myself with my own house and probably with two kids- Arely Agreda

Having my journeyman license and maybe having a family- Mason Pittman

Working for  large well known fashion brand as one of their top designers- Maddie Hale

In ten years I will be teaching in my own classroom in a pretty big school- Hanna Zimmerman

In 10 years I see myself living in a small cottage h somewhere in Colorado- Rainey Edwards-Nelson

Working my dream job and having a family- Connor Altes

On a plane with multiple languages under my belt and flying American internationally as a fight attendant- Antonio Ramirez

In ten years I would like to have lots of land with a nice house to raise a family on, and have my own physical therapy practice- Kenzie Crider

Entering the prime years of my life and entering my main career I will be doing- Riley Carroll

working-Dakota Allen

Retired business owner- Rey Martinez

Owning real estate, modeling, acting- Vanessa Ogie

I see myself being the director of Human Resources and I also see myself married with 1-2 kids living in a nice house- Caitlyn Cox

Working in a restaurant- Brandon Wright

Married with a successful job- Gabriella McEwen

I see myself living somewhere in North Texas, in a rural area, working on my career and taking care of my kids- Shelby Magruder

I see myself working for a big 4 firm and working towards getting my CFE certification to  become a certified fraud examiner-Jillian Roberts

I see myself in a city that I like doing a job that I love- Reece Pagel

Hopefully working and have a lot of money -Kelani Burleyson

Married, working a full-time job, possibly living in Arizona, with at least 2 pets- Destiny Wolf

Owning my own powder coating company- Hayes Hutcherson

Graduate from college, work at an amazing  job and living my best life- Haley Voelkel

Working at my own private investigation firm, and living with my soulmate with our kid- Kamrie Howard

Either working as a choir director, or going for my masters degree- Kelli Muncy

Living in New Mexico with my own large animal vet clinic hopefully married but no kids- Sydney Ray

In 10 years, I hope to be out of college, taking part in performances of opera and musical theater- Bodi Gill

In 10 years I see myself raising 2 kids- KaraLena Barreraz

I see myself traveling around the world, finishing up my residency for my career, and hopefully opening my own orthodontist office- Alicia Izguirre

Doing well in my business and doing a lot of counseling for non profit corporations- Mollie Taft

Rich-Alexis Soto

In 10 years I see myself either being canceled on twitter over a small comment by rampaging hormonal teenagers, or being in a small house with my pet bird Pancho and pet dog Princess, living a quiet life in a forest, the possibilities are endless maybe both will end up happening- Carmen Mejia

In another country, preferably my own island- Halim Rifai

I see myself as a full time solo Artist in 10 years- Nia Smith

Working with a wife and one kid- Payton Coffey

In Colorado with a well paying job and a cute cabin in the mountains- Hayden McFarland

Starting a family- Ryder Cassady

Living by myself, having a stable job and be debt free- Emily Avalos

I see myself with a PhD and working hard towards my career goals- Rachel Seay

Living a life I worked for and enjoying the lifestyle- Manuel Melchor

Famous for my cartoon I’m gonna make- Jack Laughlin

Either a Park Ranger or Game Warden- Jake Morrow

28 years of age- Thomas Delange

I will hopefully be working for BNSF- Graham McDaniel

Owning my dream car and having my own house- Andrew Rodriguez

Doing sports broadcasting for high end games- Garret Fox

I see myself married and starting a family 10 years from now- Ashton Cross

Working in a laboratory helping find cures  for cancer and traveling in my free time- Arancha Hervas

I see myself happier and healthier than I am right now- Jayda Snodgrass

In 10 years I see myself hopefully becoming a travel nurse- Felicity Camacho