Lions Golf Takes Last Swings At State Tournament


Magen Dow, Reporter

After a quite amazing and historic run, our Ponder Golf team’s season has officially come to an end, with completing their last tournament at the Boys State Golf Championship. The Lions made school history with being the first team to qualify to State, and placing 10th as a team. Head Golf Coach Hunter Dean recaps both round 1 as, “The Lions of Ponder made the trip down to Austin compete as one of the top twelve teams in the state of Texas for 3A golf… competition for the field was pretty tough… so this allowed us to have the ‘We are happy to be here…’… attitude the whole trip. I am a big believer in this is why we scored our average/played our game on a big stage and a tough course… The Ponder Lions were poised at the first tee, actually managing to have the best tee shot in 4 of the 5 groups, deep down the fairway… We survived the final stretch…” After round 1, Lions Golf was sitting in 11th place team.

Next came round 2, as Coach Dean recalls, “Heading into Day 2 our approach was the same as Regionals. We now know the course a little better, we will clean up from Day 1… improve on our scores… we would bounce back and compete through the round… Luckily we learned from the first day, and managed those last few holes a little better… Tyler and Clay would play steady through the round, having a lotof Pars, and adding in some birdies here and there… Graham would improve into the mid-90s shooting his second best score on the year. Nick would have some really quality shots… Juke would struggle a bit, but being him he managed to have fun… Shout out to Hayes Hutcherson and Hayden Bradshaw for their support on the trip, and being ready if needed as our alternates… there were so many other small accomplishments and great memories that made this year successful. We, individually and as a team, found a way to adjust to various courses and competition and improve during this season… Adapt and overcome is what they did, finding ways to be productive and improve.”

Us Ponder Golf fans could not be more proud of everything Ponder golf has accomplished, and can’t wait to see what is in store for them in the future! Here is the more in-depth results, scores and placings for the 36 holes of State Golf the Lions Golf team played:

Varsity Lions Golf- 10th Place Team

**Total Team Score for 36 Holes: 714**

(Player Name, Day 1 Score, Day 2 Score, 36 Holes Individual Score)

  • Clay Akins- 79, 76, 155- Tied for 6th Place
  • Tyler Akins- 82, 75, 157- Tied for 11th Place
  • Graham Whitewood- 103, 95, 198
  • Nick Fuentes- 101, 103, 204
  • Juke Kelley- 106, 110, 216