Summer Refresh, Relax, Reset

Summer Refresh, Relax, Reset

Arely Arellano, reporter

As Beach Boy Brian Wilson said, “Summertime means happy times and good sunshine. It means going to the beach, enjoying the scenery, and having fun with friends and family.”  This is how summer break is meant to be or going to the mountains, lake, whatever soothes your soul.   But relaxing and recharging are a must for students, teachers, administrators, and other school staff.

Relaxing during summer break is important because it allows students to recharge for the fall quarter. After a stressful year of nonstop work, students who choose not to take the summer off will find themselves burnt out and less motivated during the regular academic year.

A summer break also helps relieve some of the pressure experienced during the academic year. Students not pressured by midterms, term papers and final exams are more free to explore personal projects at their own pace during the summer. Personal ventures, such as an art project that was meant to be completed long ago, or a book that has sat on a dusty shelf waiting to be read, can be just as enriching as structured class. Free time helps foster creativity often overlooked during the regular school year and makes individuals more well-rounded. Pursuing personal interests such as dancing, sculpting or graphic design ventures out of one’s own free will and on one’s own time can be even more worthwhile than sticking to the structured regime of classes and internships. These projects will shine on resumes as they exhibit true passion and interest on the individual’s part.

Students that load on the work during summer vacation also often find themselves focusing on simply meeting requirements and getting through the workday and class material, rather than focusing on doing a good job and absorbing the lessons of the day. Students that work harder during summer may find themselves falling victim to the monotonous daily grind of completing assigned tasks. With no break, work and school become nothing more than something to complete rather than something to experience fully and learn from.

As unexpected as it may seem, students would benefit more by focusing on themselves during the summer, working on personal projects and simply relaxing.

Being a couch potato during the summer is not such a bad thing after all.