PHS Football Players Get a Taste of Coaching


Hannah Ossowski, Reporter

Some PHS football players recently took a turn on the other side of the football and coached the 6th graders in a 7 on 7 league this spring.  They had a great time, learned what coaching kids is like, and enjoyed the competition, along with bragging rights.  Here are the results for their season:

Champions: Poppy Daddy Kats- Coaches: Carlos Ochoa, Keegan Fain, and  Edgar Cruz

2nd place: Hawgs- Coaches:  Tommy Carmona, Ethan Ford, Trey Kysiak, and Joe Green

The Red Champs:  Tommy Dennis, Colby Murphy, Logan Kelch, and  Luke Tipton  

Consolation Bracket Champs: Kings of the Field- Coaches:  Case Peacock, Clifton Cooper, and Steven Carmona

King Henry’s- Coaches: Zane Cassidy,  Tad Tamplan, and  Kyser Montoya

Scarface- Coaches: Clayton Cooper and  Andy Jimenez

American Lions- Coaches: Justin John and C.J. Neace

P Town Kings- Coaches: Peter Bonenberger, Dakota Cherrier, and Cooper Reynolds