Tell Me Something Good

Tell Me Something Good

Mallorie Joplin, Reporter

This year has been a struggle for Ponder ISD in many ways, but there have been some great things happening, too.  So The Roar staff wanted to “tell you something good”.  There are multiple good things when it comes to talking about Ponder ISD, and here is a list of a few:

Ponder ISD has really good kids.  Teachers that have taught at many other districts have said this many times. When you compare our kids to other kids from those districts that others have taught in, Ponder kids win every time.

We have a lot of teachers that really love the kids and what they do, and they’re glad to see the kids each day no matter how they show up to school.  It shows all the time in their actions.  In today’s climate, this is hard to come by.

Ponder ISD is getting a new state of the art school thanks to our superintendents, former superintendent, and the board for working on this bond and getting the word out.

We’ve had a very successful year in both basketball programs

Track had a great year, too, as Tate Wells goes to state.

Golf had a remarkable season with the girls just missing qualifying for state,  but the boys team made it to state tournament for the first time in school history!

Band earned a sweepstakes by getting a fist division in marching, concert, and sight reading!

The choir also earned sweepstakes this year and has grown larger than it has ever been!

The FFA programs had several advancing to finals in various events and many earning scholarships, too!

Our football program that had over 100 kids in it this year and is growing more than ever!

We have award winning cheerleaders and drill team members.

We had our first ever Homecoming parade, and it was a huge success!

Next, our student body showed up to support our teams every time it was needed- loud, proud, and in costume, too!

We have some good leaders and you may not always agree with them, like what they have to say, or even like them.  But again, as many teachers and students who have been at other schools will tell you, these guys are good.  There are really bad leaders out there.

So as you can see, there are so many good things happening at Ponder ISD.  Let’s focus on those instead of the negative; celebrate the successes and forget the losses; and finally, be grateful for a place where we don’t have the worries of a large city school. All in all, Ponder ISD is a pretty great place to be.