Got Graduation Anxiety?


Mallorie Joplin, Reporter

Having graduation anxiety? Feeling constantly worried and fearful about the future? The most stressful experience to ever have is through graduation year in high school. Graduating from high school is usually viewed as an exciting time, and it is but what we don’t often talk about is the anxiety that comes along with leaving school and entering the “real world”. Since leaving school can be stressful and anxiety-inducing enough, it feels even more so like this is the global pandemic. I wanted to share a collection of advice from friends about how to cope with graduation anxiety:

*First, think about how far you’ve come; reflect on what you’ve learned both socially and academically.

*Second, remember that you aren’t alone; Talk it out with your friend, you might be surprised to find they’re experiencing the same anxiety.

*Lastly, anticipate everything you can look forward to; we like to focus on leaving high school only as an exciting time full of opportunity. The truth is, it’s more complicated than that. Mixed with the excitement are feelings of anxiety, fear, and nervousness. Learn to take a deep breath and you’ll get through this.