Prom Report – What’s Trending?

Prom Report - Whats Trending?

Mikayla Espolt, Reporter

Prom is April 30th, and the time for buying your prom dress is dwindling quickly. With all the different designs and styles, it can be difficult to tell what’s in and what’s out. However, I’ve done the TikTok research so you don’t have to.

What’s In:

  • Feathers

Very few can pull this look off, but according to TikTok, it’s one of the hottest trends currently. It adds a unique texture to any outfit that definitely develops the “wow” factor that many girls aim for.

  • One-Shouldered

Mixing up the classic neckline with a one-shouldered sleeve is bold but very worth it. The amount of one-shouldered dresses I’ve seen on my for you page is astronomical, and is easily one of my favorite trends this prom season.

  • Bright Orange/ Pink

It takes a very specific person to pull the neon color off, but when done correctly, it looks gorgeous. I love the classic Barbie look, with the blonde hair and the hot pink.

  • Silk

Honestly, no one can go wrong with a silk dress, except that silk is usually very pricey. It’s classy and flattering on everyone, not to mention way more comfortable than sequined or tulle dresses.

Prom season can be stressful. Ultimately, trends don’t matter. At the end of the day, it’s about what makes the wearer feel confident and not about what’s popular. What’s “in” or “out” should not be the deciding factor of anyone’s dress, or anyone’s anything, for that matter. What really matters is your unique style and personality shining through.