Creative Promposal Ideas

Creative Promposal Ideas

Asking your lucky partner to prom is one of the toughest, but most exciting things so many teens look forward to in high s chool, but the question is how to do this? How do you make this unique, special, and totally dedicated to that one person? Well luckily I have some fantastic promposal ideas especially for you!

1.) The Common- this choice includes putting up a sign with “will you go to prom with me?” but sometimes you want to mix things up! Here’s a list of things you could put on the sign:

* “Let’s start a new adventure, you and I, are you UP for it?” along with the movie “UP” theme

* “I would be BERRY lucky if you went to prom with me” along with an assorted choice of chocolate covered berries

*  “This is hard to ESPRESSO but I’ll give it a SHOT… prom?” along with their favorite coffee.

2.) Helping hand- this choice gives you the option of including your friends to gather around and hold up big letters to spell out the message you desire your lucky partner to see

3.) Bake it until you make it- In this choice, you get to bake or go to the bakery ! But there’s a twist…. a message on the goodies!

  • A donut shaped cookie with the question “will you go to prom with me?” with donut-hole shaped cookies with different answers on each. like, “yes”, “no”, “can’t wait”, “let’s do this!”, and more!
  • A box of donuts each spelling out “I donut want to go with anyone else but you”
  • A box of cupcakes with an additional sign that reads “it would be SWEET if you said yes to…” and finish the sentence off on the sweet, sweet cupcakes “prom”.