Happy Anti-Valentine’s Day!


Mallorie Joplin, reporter

Nobody really knows how Valentine’s Day began. It’s perhaps just as well that the holiday’s history remains long overlooked. Americans seem unable to agree on whether Valentine’s Day is a hallowed celebration or just a harmless convention that everyone needs to calm down about. This year, Americans are expected to set a record for Valentine’s Day spending: $27.4 billion, up 32 percent from last year’s $20.7 billion, which was also a record. The commercialization has gotten so extreme that it needs to be protested, wrote Samhita Mukhopadhyay back in 2012. Modern love is governed by a romantic-industrial complex, she argued, that profits by enforcing and then exploiting romantic desires and insecurities: “The more you express your love through candies, chocolates, diamonds, rentals, and registries, the more the R.I.C. makes!” In her view, romantic people deserve better, more authentic, and sustainable ways to express their affections. You technically don’t need a special day to celebrate your marriage or your relationship; no one is forcing you. This holiday is for the people with busy lives, who don’t mind chocolate coming in a heart-shaped box once in a while, who like having one day marked on their hectic calendars to take a bit more time to celebrate love and relationship and life together as a whole. <3