Boy’s Varsity Basketball Wins Famous 156 Rivalry


Mikayla Espolt, Reporter

The intense Krum vs. Ponder basketball game, known as the “Battle of 156”, built up a lot of school spirit and suspense on Tuesday, December 7th. Ponder barely led the game the entire time, with the end-of-quarter scores being 23-14, 33-28, 40-38, and the final score being 49-47. The lead scorers were Tyler Long with 18 points and Tyler Akins with 11 points. The last 12 seconds were a nail-biter, with the score being 49-47 and Krum having possession of the ball. Number 10 shot a risky three-pointer that would have won them the game, and barely missed it as the ball bounced off the rim. Our Ponder Lions put all effort into showing Krum who deserves the win, and it was a very entertaining game. The Lions are now 9-1.

JV Red’s final score was a victory 54-44. The leading shooter was Case Peacock with an astonishing 20 points.

JV White lost 36-55. The leading scorer was Sean Akins with 7 points.