Lions Go 2 for 3 Over the Holidays


Ashleigh Neace, reporter

Ponder Varsity Lions take the big W over Denton Calvary on 11/19 and Ponder High School. In the 1st quarter Ponder led 25-5, 2nd quarter 52-11, the 3rd quarter 68-18 ,and the last quarter 89-29. Ponder scorers with the most were Tyler Long with 17 points followed by Hayes Hutcherson-14, Kade Irons-13, Timer Crider-10, Javien Gonzales-10, Clay Akins-8, Juke Kelly-8, Tyler Akins-3 Denton Calvary scorers leading with Ellis-12 followed by White-6, Bielss-5, Castles-2, Barton-2

Coach Rose said Ponder pounced on top of the Denton Calvary Lions from the tip with an outstanding 11-0 run to start the game. The ferocious energy continued throughout the game and the Lions came out victorious.

JV Red: Ponder 53, Denton Calvary 18 -Leading scorer Max Hutcherson with 24 points

JV White: Ponder 57, Denton Calvary 20- Leading scorer Jorin Roberts with 12 points

On November 22,  Ponder High School hosted Blue Ridge. The 1st quarter  was 18-10 with Ponder  leading, 2nd quarter 36-22 Ponder leading,  3rd quarter 48-32 Ponder leading,  4th quarter 68-43 Ponder with the win. Ponder’s leading scorer was Javien Gonzales with 16 points followed by Tyler Long-11, Hayes Hutcherson-11, Tyler Akins-10, Clay Akins-6, Juke Kelly-5, Clifton Cooper-5, Timber Crider-4.

The Lions opened Thanksgiving Break with a dominant win over Blue Ridge. The Lions were led by Javien Gonzales who was spot on from the 3 point line with 4 successful attempts and a total of 16 points, says Coach Rose

JV Red: Ponder 61, Blue Ridge 46 with the leading scorer being Riggs Arterberry with 22 points

JV White: Ponder 43, Blue Ridge 39 with the leading scorer being Sean Akins with 14 points

On November 23, Ponder traveled to Aubrey High School.  In the first quarter  it was 8-14  with Aubrey  on top, 2nd quarter 25-28 with  Aubrey still leading,  3rd quarter 34-43 Aubrey was still leading,  and the last quarter 47-61 Aubrey with the win.  Ponder scorers in order were Tyler Long-20, Timber Crider-7, Tyler Akins-7, Hayes Hutcherson- 6, Kade Irons-4, Juke Kelly-2, Clifton Cooper-1.

JV Red: Ponder 51 Aubrey 38 Leading scorer Case Peacock with 17 points

JV White: Ponder 39 Aubrey 42 leading scorers Sean Akins with 10 points as well as Jordan Weiland with 10