Lions Crush The Jackrabbits


Judith Garcia, Reporter

Our Lions started off this season going against, yet another talented team, the Bowie Jackrabbits, on November 12. Our Lions started off with a rough start with barely beating the Jackrabbits in the first quarter by 2 points, the score being 12-10. Moving up towards the second quarter this game started getting more suspenseful ending the second quarter with a score of 21-18. During half time the Lions caught their breath and got fearless. With that break, third quarter ended with a score of 34-28. And ending the game off, fourth quarter ended with a score of 53-48, with the Lions taking the victory. Senior Hayes Hutcherson led the team with 13 points. Tyler Long followed along with 11 points, Tyler Akins and Juke Kelley with 6 points,Kade Irons and Javien Gonzales with 5 points, Timber Crider with 4 points, and Cliff Cooper with 3 points.

The JV red team wiped out the Jackrabbits easily with Max “the beast” Hutcherson  leading the charge with 29 points. He was unstoppable and never let up.  His sophomore classmates jumped in to help him in the fight adding points to the overall total with football standout Case Peacock bringing his quick football moves onto the court to outmaneuver the wily Jackrabbits with 14 points, Cooper McNutt adding 5 points, and Riggs Arterberry adding 4 points.  The freshman stepped up to help out as well with Willie Norwood adding 7 points, JaShawn Taylor adding 3 points, and Sean AKins putting up 2 points.  Leo Huerta, the lone junior and veteran player, added 2 points.

The JV white team  came out on fire and were able to stop the Bowie Jackrabbits very efficiently with a score of 57-28. Leading the attack on the Jackrabbits was freshman Nolan Durrett with 14 points who was unstoppable under the basket.  Adding to the overall score were freshman Sean Akins with 11 points, Willie Norwood and Austin VanZuiden both with 10 points, Jayden Villarreal with 5 points, Jorin Roberts, Hayden Long, and Chris Contreras with 2 points each, and Landon Hardin with 1 point.

The Lions are in action again against Pottsboro (there) on Tuesday, November 16th with a start time of 4:30.