Senior Tailgate Fundraiser

Mallorie Joplin, Reporter

Ending the Fall season with a Senior Tailgate Fundraiser! October 29, 2021, was the day all of our seniors got together and hosted a Senior Tailgate party to raise money for Project Graduation. During this event, there were lots of fun activities to see and do including games, face painting, a giant pumpkin bounce house, and a Pie Toss booth. They were also doing raffles, Raffling off 50 lbs of beef raised by Senior Kenedy DeVoe and won by Stephanie Waldo. For a special dinner at this amazing event, they served a BBQ Brisket sandwich meal cooked by the PHS BBQ Team and for a lovely dessert, S’mores. The event had ended in grossing about $3500 with serving close to 200 seniors and community members. Thank you to everyone for coming out and I hope you had a fantastic time. 🙂