Senior Spotlight with Hanna Zimmerman


Walsh Guajardo, Reporter

Meet Hanna Zimmerman, also known as Tragedy. She has been going to Ponder for 13 years. Her favorite restaurant is Texas Roadhouse, but her favorite fast food place is Cane’s. She loves country music and the theme song of her life would be “Better Things To Do”When she isn’t listening to country music or eating at Cane’s, she’s probably watching the new Aladdin movie or Grey’s Anatomy. She loves cows as much as she does Ford Raptors. Her favorite teacher is Mr. Shafer and her favorite class is band. If she could have a superpower she would read people’s minds. Her dream vacation would be to visit Aruba. If she could be a character from a movie or show she would be Nemo. People she would invite to dinner are DeAndre Jordan, her granny, Casey Connor, and the Rock. Have a great senior year Hanna!