Senior Spotlight With Maddie Hale


Judith Garcia, Reporter

Madeleine Hale, or Maddie, has attended Ponder for her whole education- 13 years.  She has fallen in love with one of Ponder’s newest classes- drill which is coached by her favorite teacher, Mrs. Rose.  Maddie loves all types of music, but her theme song would have to be “Only Angel” by Harry Styles.   When she has some down time (which is rare), she likes to have dinner at I <3 Sushi or Chipotle with friends or her family.  You could also catch her watching The Narnia saga or reading Throne of Glass about a character she would love to be, Aelin.   She would love to have a superpower of magic which could come in handy from time to time, and feels her spirit animal is a hawk.   Someday she hopes to own a series 2 BMW convertible and perhaps she can buzz around Europe in it which is where she would love to travel to someday. Her ideal dinner mates would consist of Harry Styles (of course), Princess Diana, Audrey Hepburn, and Adele.  Have a great senior year, Maddie!