Senior Spotlight with Bryan Deleon


Mallorie Joplin, reporter

Bryan Deleon otherwise known as Chancho is one of many seniors here at Ponder High. Bryan has attended Ponder ISD for 9 years. On any day Bryan is feeling like grabbing a bit he would pick between Chilangos Tacos, and Whataburger. Bryan’s go-to song to listen to is “Corridos Tumbados”. If Bryan could have one car in his life it would be a 1992 first generation Cummings. Bryan says his favorite movie and TV show are Remember the Titans and The Dukes of Hazzard. If he isn’t feeling a movie or TV show, his go-to  book is The Freedom Writers. In his 4 years of high school, his favorite teacher and class is Mrs. J’s , and her 8th-period class his junior year. If Bryan could have one superpower it would be to be able to teleport. The theme song of his life is “Desde Morro” by Justin Morales, and his spirit animal is a grizzly bear, even though he is more of a teddy bear!  If Bryan could have dinner with 4 people he would choose his great-grandpa Thomas, his dad, his ancestors from Spain, and Cantinflas.  Have a great senior year, Bryan!