Senior Spotlight With Emma Haynes


Judith Garcia, Reporter

Emma Haynes or Emma Joe, has attended Ponder for 7 years since 4th grade. Because Emma has been here for so long she has picked out her favorite class, which is Ag and she doesn’t have one favorite teacher because she loves them all. If Emma could be a fictional character, she would choose to be Meredith Gray from her favorite TV show Grey’s Anatomy. Some other of Emma’s favorites are her favorite movie Forrest Gump and her favorite types of music which are country and rap. Speaking of music the theme song for Emma’s life is Wanna Be A Baller“. In Emma’s free time, you can catch her going to her favorite restaurant which is either Chuy’s or Longhorn Steakhouse. You can also catch Emma driving up to the Taco Bell drive thru in her dream car, which is a Range Rover. Emma’s dream vacation is either Bora Bora or Australia-maybe both! Emma’s spirit animal would be a giraffe and if Emma could have one superpower, she would read minds. Lastly, if Emma was asked the tough question of if she could only invite 4 people to dinner, she would choose Luke Combs, Cody Johnson, Koe Wetzel, and Caitlyn Cox. Have a great senior year, Emma!