Old: A Movie Review

Old: A Movie Review

Dawson Broten, Writer

Almost everyone is afraid of old age. It’s one of the only things that’s omnipresent in everyone’s life all the time, no matter who you are, where you are born, or how much money you have. Keeping this in mind, making a movie that capitalizes on the extremely terrifying concept of aging faster than you usually would should be an instant hit at the box office and a classic for the horror genre in general, even if you were the worst director on the planet. So you can imagine how surprised I was when I found out that this movie is directed by the king of inconsistency, maker of masterpieces and disasters alike, M. Night Shyamalan.

Old starring Thomasin McKenzie and Gael Bernal is a movie that is more about about ideas than it is about story. It has a plot, but it takes a back seat to present all of the awful situations that could arise when the process of aging is sped up beyond belief. This leads to a very entertaining, but not very memorable, movie that is nothing more than a nice way to waste a couple of hours and give you an excuse to eat popcorn and candy.

My biggest problem with the movie, by far, is the pacing. For a movie where time has been sped up for all the characters, Old drags on for much longer than I would’ve expected. There are several moments that feel like 10 minutes worth of content stretched to 25 minutes worth of runtime. It’s a two hour movie that feels like its almost three. It isn’t a problem you’ll feel for the entirety of the movie, but there were many moments where I felt like I’d be having a better time if I walked out of the building and laid in the middle of the street for a while.

There’s honestly not a lot to say about a movie that is this average. The acting is good, but with a few lines that feel really forced. The cinematography isn’t bad, but it’s not great either. The writing is passable with some good bits, but never spectacular. The horror is creepy, but never terrifying. There is also, of course, an underwhelming signature Shyamalan twist that turns the whole movie on its head at the very end, but it’s the exact same bit from a director who has had a big reveal at the end of every single of his previous 16 movies.

The movie isn’t awful, but it’s certainly not worth a full price movie ticket. My best suggestion for watching it is to wait until it’s on Blu-Ray or on a streaming service of your choice, and watching it at home. Anything more than that would be wasting your money.

I give Old a 6/10.