Denton County is HAUNTED!

Denton  County is HAUNTED!

L.M., reporter

Hey, do you know what time it is? It’s Spooky Season, BOO! October brings more than fall weather and pumpkin spice lattes, it’s Halloween time! Now, sure, costumes and free candy from strangers are pretty cool but even better are the haunted houses scattered across the nation this time of year. I’m going to tell you a couple of the most spookiest attractions in Denton, Tx that are open right now!

One of the most popular haunted houses is the Parker House, it’s off of University Drive. You’ll walk through a horrific scene where Mary Parker tortured her victims to their death.  The OUTBREAK is an event on the Parker House grounds, you’ll need to defeat the zombies and monsters with you teammates while you’re riding in the designated attack vehicle (you will need to purchase splatter balls for this mission). Mask are not required for the Parker House attraction but are recommended. Buy tickets and check times here

A little closer to Ponder is Tommy’s Haunted House by Krum Fire. This abandoned firehouse has claims of actually being haunted. From miscellaneous objects being thrown to footsteps being heard while no one was around -a REAL horror location. This can either be a laughing matter or have you in tears by the end of it.  With all the screams, shouts, and jump scares, the end result is based on what you’re able to handle. Tommy’s Haunted House has its own Facebook page where you can find all the details!

If  jump scares, clowns, and battling monsters aren’t scary enough for you then seek help (all jokes 🙂 ). If you’re looking for a more intense scene and don’t mind a little drive, I suggest visiting Cutting Edge Haunted House over in Fort Worth, Texas. This abandoned meat-packing factory is turned into a human slaughterhouse, amazing actors, monsters, and decor make this attraction feel as if you’re really in a scary movie. 10/10 on the scary scale! Buy tickets and make plans here:

Have a Spoooooky Halloween!