Pepping It Up on a Thursday


Cherokee Farmer, Reporter

This pep-rally was held Thursday, October 14th. The theme of this week’s pep-rally was decades, so everyone could dress up as any decade (50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, etc.), and at the pep-rally there was an event which all the sports teams came out and danced one of the dances they made up. The four judges including the vice principal, Mrs. Hunt, decided that the best dance was preformed was by the softball team.  The cheerleaders pumped up the crowd as usual with their cheers, stunts, and dances.  The Legacies as usually kept it going with their dance moves, too.  Spirits were high even without the junior high as they had their own pep rally that day, too.  Everyone enjoyed the unusual day of pep and were ready to go for Friday’s game!