Senior Spotlight With Dawson Broten


Magen Dow, Reporter

Meet one of this year’s seniors, the one and only Dawson Broten! (or also known as and I quote, “Oh my gosh what happened to your face?!?!”) Dawson has been a resident of Ponder for 2 years, with his favorite teacher and class being Theater with Mr. McNair. His favorite places to eat are the iconic Texas Roadhouse and In n’ Out. When asked the question, “What is the theme song of your life,” the one song that came to Dawson’s mind was “Accidentally in Love” by Counting Crows. Dawson’s  favorite type of music, alternative rock, would sound so good in his dream car, a 1997 Toyota Camry. If Dawson was presented with a ticket with his dream vacation destination, it would be the not actually icy Iceland. Dawson’s favorite book is Dune by Frank Herbert, and favorite tv show and movie of all time is Castlevania and Fight Club. If he could become a character from any movie, TV show, book, cartoon, etc., Dawson would be the adorable Lenny from Toy Story. What if Dawson could have any singular superpower there is? His answer to this would be teleportation. Dawson says his spirit animal would be a cat. Lastly, the 4 people Dawson could invite to dinner (dead or living, famous or not) would be Ted Kaczynski, Jesus, a clone of himself, and Tupac. Wow! What an interesting dinner this will be! We wish you nothing but the best this senior year Dawson! Good luck!