Sunday Storm Leaves Mark on School


Hannah Ossowski, Reporter

On Sunday October 16,2021 a very brutal storm hit the school and most of Denton County.  It caused lots of damage to the school, which we did not know the extent of until everyone got back to school on Monday. The scoreboard at the football field got damaged by the bleacher section going directly through it. Light poles were damaged at the football, baseball, and softball fields.  The elementary had no power for several hours on Monday morning.  More damage to the baseball/softball  field house and the roof of the high school gym was added to the repair costs for the district.  Rounding out the storm’s aftermath was damage to the tennis courts.  Luckily it all happened on the weekend, no children were around, and as with all “things” it can always be repaired.  Fingers crossed that we remain storm free through the winter this year!