Senior Spotlight with Clay Akins


Kylie Brinkman, Reporter

Senior Clay Akins has attended Ponder ISD for 11 years. His favorite teacher isn’t actually a teacher of his, but our new outstanding principal, Mr. Jones. His favorite class is Food Tech. Clay Akins loves to eat out at the restaurant Texas Roadhouse, and the fast-food of his choice is Whataburger. His favorite type of music is country. Clay’s go-to movie is Shooter and his all-time tv show Dexter. If Clay could be one character from a movie he would be Bob Lee Swagger (Mark Wahlberg) from Shooter. Clay says his favorite book is The Bible. We all have thought about superpowers we would love to have, and Clay would want to have the power of telling the future. If Clay had a theme song for his life, it would be “It’s a Great Day to be Alive”. Clay’s dream would be to be driving around in a nice Tesla. His dream vacay spot would be Arizona. Clay said his spirit animal is a lion.  If Clay Akins could invite 4 people to dinner he would invite Warren Buffet, Steph Curry, Mom, Tiger Woods.