Senior Spotlight – Antonio Ramirez

Senior Spotlight - Antonio Ramirez

Arely Arellano, reporter

Welcome to the spotlight with the one and only Antonio Ramirez. Antonio has been at Ponder for 14 years. In those years his favorites teacher is Mrs.Bieler, and his favorite class would have to be Spanish-3. When he has some free time he likes to go eat at BJ’s Brewhouse or In and Out. He loves listening to  R&B soul and the theme song of his life is “Overthinking It” by Willow. When he isn’t listening to R&B soul or going to BJ’s Brewhouse,  he is watching his favorite movie Cloud Atlas or his favorite TV show Sense 8, or reading his favorite book, We Were Liars by E. LockhartThe animal he most identifies with is a King Cobra. Antonio would like to jam out his favorite type of music  in his dream car, a Tesla Model S Plaid, and he might drive that around on his dream vacation to Guam. He would became and love to be Dory in finding Nemo if he had the chance to become a character in any movie, TV show, book, or cartoon. Faced with the hard question of what one superpower he  could have, he chose a water bender.If Antonio could invite 4 people (dead or living, famous or not) to dinner, he would pick Bob Marley, Willow Smith, SZA, and Frank Ocean. Good luck with your senior year Antonio!