Senior Spotlight With Ashleigh Neace

Judith Garcia, Reporter

Ashleigh Neace, also known as poohgirl, has attended Ponder foor 3 and a half years now. Since Ashleigh has been here for a while now, she has picked out her favorite class and teacher which are, Mrs. J and Money Matters. Ashleigh’s go to restaurant is Ihop, while her go to fast food place is McDonald’s. Ashleigh’s favorite movie of all time is Lonesome Dove and her favorite book is Wonder. If she could be any character from any movie, TV show, book, cartoon, etc. she would be DJ from her favorite TV show Full House. Ashleigh’s favorite type of music is country and rap. Speaking of music, the theme song of her life would be “Redneck Woman” by Gretchen Wilson. If Ashleigh ends up getting her dream car which is a 1995 F30 7.3, she could drive to South Padre Island, her dream destination. Ashleigh’s spirit animal is a monkey and if she could have one superpower it would be reading peoples’ minds. Lastly, if Ashleigh could invite 4 people to dinner, she would choose, her great grandma, Colton Jesse, The Turnpike Troubadours, and her dad. Have a great senior year, Ashleigh!