Wells Qualifies for Regionals at District XC Meet


Magen Dow , reporter

On Monday, October 11th, the Ponder Lions and Lady Lions Cross Country teams traveled to Boyd to compete in the district meet.  They ran well with Tate Wells qualifying for regionals with her personal best time of 12:55.  She will run at the regional meet in Grand Prairie on October 25th and try to make it to the state meet.

Varsity Girls- 4th Place Team

Tate Wells- 7th Place- 12:55.09     (QUALIFIED TO REGIONALS, PR)

Karly Ivy- 19th Place- 14:18.86

Presley Calhoun- 20th Place- 14:20.34

Jillian Roberts- 21st Place- 14:23.81

Skye Gill- 22nd Place- 14:28.26

Xaviera Smith- 24th Place- 14:30.75

Emma McClure- 36th Place- 15:06.98


Varsity Boys- 6th Place Team

Taylor Weiland- 18th Place- 18:46.91

Connor Brown- 23rd Place- 19:17.55

Alec Saltzman- 26th Place- 19:24.52

Tyler Akins- 31st Place- 19:47.33

Leo Huerta- 34th Place- 20:00.35

Clay Akins- 37th Place- 20:18.14

Packard Smith- 38th Place- 20:18.48

JV Girls- 1st Place Team

Daphnee Wilson- 1st Place- 14:49.55

Kenzie Crider- 2nd Place- 15:07.30

Ava Larson- 4th Place- 15:23.10

Patricia Gallardo- 7th Place- 15:53.24

Kelani Burleson- 10th Place- 16:14.00

Kaelyn McWilliams- 11th Place- 16:14.36

Everly Joplin- 12th Place- 16:26.95

Edith Estudillo- 14th Place- 16:34.14

Devyn Weiland- 16th Place- 16:50.00

Kassi Ballard- 18th Place- 16:57. 26

Adeline Gammons- 20th Place- 17:18.62

Jasmine Rios- 21st Place- 17:52.54

Lily Davis- 25th Place- 24:15.64


JV Boys- 1st Place Team

Ashton Cross- 1st Place- 20:08.62

John McEwen- 3rd Place- 20:58.91

Sean Akins- 7th Place- 22:15.95

Issac Cook- 10th Place- 23:07.40

Austin VanZuiden- 11th Place- 23:20.94

Jorin Roberts- 17th Place- 24:32.83