Senior Spotlight with Vanessa Ogie


Arley Arellano, reporter

Vanessa Ogie, also know as Ness, has been going to Ponder for about 5 years.  In those years her favorites teachers have become  Mrs. J and Couch Vanover. Her favorite restaurant is Olive Garden, but her favorite fast food place is Chick-fil-A. She love to someday be driving around in her dream car,  a white Jeep listening to her theme song, “Brown Skin Girl” by Beyonce or R and B and pop music her favorites. Vanessa is a busy student athlete, but when she has time to relax, she likes to watch her favorite show Criminal Minds or read a good book like Wonder.  A movie she could watch again and again is Mother, but if she could become any fictional character she would become Fallon Carrington in the TV show Dynasty.  As Fallon, she would definitely be able to visit Paris her dream vacay and have one heck of a good time, and might even own a few of her spirit animals the peacock!  Of course with her superpower of flying, Her ideal dinner companions would be the Queen Bey- Beyonce, her grandfather who has passed on, Micheal Jackson, and Selena Quintanilla Perez.  What an interesting dinner this would be!  Have a great senior year, Vanessa!