All Lights on Mason Pittman


L.M., reporter

Mason Pittman, one of Ponder Lion seniors, has been attending at Ponder for 13 years now. Even after attending the Ponder School District for so long, Mason has yet to settle on a decision on a favorite teacher or class; they’re all his favorite. His favorite book, though, is Green Lights by Matthew McConaughey.  Mason enjoys listening to country music like “Chicken Fried” by Zac Brown and he also believes his spirit animal is a deer. Music and country is what Mason is all about, and he also enjoys eating at Babe’s and Whataburger.  Although Mason enjoys his country life style here, if he had to pick a superpower, he’d choose to fly. While reading his favorite book or eating Whataburger may be Mason’s favorite activities, Mason likes to watch his favorite movie, October Sky, and tv show, All American. If Mason could be any character from anywhere, he’d be Tigger,and he also has dreams of one day driving around in a Cherry Red 1968 Mustang like in the movie  Bullitt. Mason would also like to one day visit Australia, and his ideal dinner  would be with Garth Brooks, Matthew McConaughey, Dwayne Johnson, and his great grandfather. We wish you good luck on your senior year, Mason!