Senior Spotlight With Skyler Cooper


Judith Garcia, Reporter

Skylar Cooper or Coop has attended Ponder school for her entire life. With all those teachers impacting her, her favorite teacher is Coach Espolt, and she really enjoys being an athletic trainer. Her spirit animal is a sloth, but she is no slo-poke on the sidelines as a trainer, and her superpower of invisibility would come in handy during games, too.  She could really keep athletes save avoiding a lot of injuries.  The song”Wobble” describes her life and she would love to listen to this or some other rap/hip-hop in her dream car, a Mustang.  While in that dream car, she might take off to go to Chick-Fil-A, or her favorite restaurant in Winstar, Micky Mantle’s, where she might entertain her ideal dinner party of Taylor Holder, her cousin, Bryce Hall, and Vinnie Hacker. When Skylar has time to relax you could find her watching her favorite movie the Twilight series or watching her favorite tv show, Vampire Diaries.  Speaking of the Vampire Diaries, if Skylar could be any character from a movie, TV show, book, cartoon, etc., she would choose Elena Gilbert from that show. Some day she hopes to go to Bora-Bora.  Now that sounds like a great senior trip idea!  Have a great senior year Skylar!