News About the New High School

News About the New High School

Karla Ramirez

As we all have heard, there will be a new high school in the near future. But what will it look like? What does it contain? I met up with Dr. Thompson, the superintendent, and discussed some details and changes that will be implemented when this new building arrives. The new high school will have 2 stories along with an open view into the library from both floors. It was made to accommodate 800 students, but can be modified to accommodate 1200.¬† There will be areas around the school where you can sit down and study or work on assignments. Not only will they be inside, but there will be seating and tables outside! Teachers will now have an option to have an outdoor learning class, and students will be able to sit outside if they need a quieter place to work. Bathrooms will no longer be so closed off with the new design as they are thinking of implementing¬† the sinks apart from the toilets. Along with newer bathrooms, there will now be a family restroom included for those who don’t follow the stereotypical gender types and feel more comfortable in an undefined space.

With more space, there will be about 40 classrooms. This offers opportunities for more electives and clubs to be offered like a Health Science class or a cooking club. Regarding academics, there will now be banners posted up in the hallway displaying UIL/other academic competitions. The Fine Arts will now be more recognized with a connected 800 seat auditorium, 4 fine arts related rooms, and a practice auditorium, a black box. The marching band will be getting its own designated concrete area to practice on for football season. With the new auditorium, there will also be parking around most of the building to accommodate for visitors and students. The new high school will also offer two gyms, a performance and a practice gym, as well as a possibility to make another gym as the school starts to grow.

It was estimated that the new building will take 18 months to 2 years to build, hopefully finished by the fall of 2023. They will start construction in about 2-3 months, so we will see some of its beginnings as the school year progresses.

Some questions that were asked by other students were if there were going to be lockers. The straight forward answer is no, due to modernization. There will also not be open campus lunches due to how few restaurants we have nearby. We might partner up with other places like Pizza Hut and include them into our cafeteria, but there will be no off campus for a while. Our starting times will probably be changed, the high school and junior high starting later than the elementary. Dress code will also be changing slowly by the end of the year.

Lastly, regarding changes that will start next year, Dr. Thompson would like to have an advisory group. This group would provide information on what students like and don’t like. More communication will be offered between the “higher powers” and the students.