Ponder Fights Hard Against Paradise


Mikayla Espolt, Reporter

It was a thrilling game between Ponder and Paradise on Tuesday. The student section showed out for Black Out the Panthers and rallied throughout all 5 sets. We were neck-and-neck in the first set, but lost with the final score being 23-25. Things were looking even more grim in the second set, when we finished 14-25. Our Lady Lions turned on the heat in the third and fourth set, with the scores being 25-23 and 25-18. The fifth set determined the champion of the game, but the Lions lost 8-15. We fought hard, however, and it was very apparent in the stats. Olivia Todd, middle blocker, had 9 kills and 5 blocks. Our other middle blocker, Philomina Klotz, had 8 kills, 3 blocks, and 4 aces. Libero Kaelyn McWilliams made a total of 21 digs. It is apparent that our Lady Lions are picking it up, and there are definitely bright things in the future. A glimmer of the great team that we can be is peaking through.

Before the game, the Lady Lions took a moment to recognize some teachers that have had an impact on their lives.  They gave a small token of appreciation to each of these teachers.  The following teachers were recognized for their lasting impact: Joey Burks, Robert Haynes, Heather Davis, Cindy Josselet, Traci Yeager, Tina Glisson, Cody Vanover, Debbi Wallum, Brandi Hardin, Kristin Akins, Steve Espolt, Denise Parr, and Misty Taylor-Denning who couldn’t be there that evening.  Congrats to these great teachers!