Pepping in Honor


L.M., reporter

The Ponder Lions, specifically, Joe Green and Juke Kelley,  once again hyped up the stands with pride and excitement for the Ponder Varsity Football Team, Ponder Lady Lion Volleyball Team, and PHS Cross Country Teams.  Most importantly, the crowd was filled with American Pride as we honored our veterans and first responders for their service.  God Bless the brave men and women of America! The football boys walked out our veterans from the military branches and our first responders in special honor for their service as the crowd cheered them on in appreciation.  A few former Ponder Lions joined us- first responders, Cole Delcambre and Timothy Aha, and Cameron Carroll (Navy) via Facetime. After all branches were on the court, kids from the crowd came down to the branches that they were planning on joining in the future.

The Ponder Cheerleaders cheered and chanted and the Legacies hit the crowd with another wowing performance.  The kids competed in games, and of course Moses made his appearance to “part” the Red Sea of Ponder Lion fans!  As usual, it was a great time, and the gym was rockin’!