Senior Spotlight Payton Coffey


Magen Dow, Reporter

Meet senior Payton Coffey, also known as “Coffey”. Payton has been a resident of Ponder for 10 years with his favorite teacher and class being the iconic Mrs. Crider and her Accounting 2 class. His favorite places to grab a bite to eat our Cane’s and Annie’s Barn. Payton’s favorite type of music to jam out to in his dream car of a Kia K5 is rap, and the theme song of Payton’s life is “Woke Up This Morning” by Alabama 3. Payton’s favorite book is the heartwarming book Wonder, and his favorite movie of all time is Gemini Man. Fun fact, while Payton’s favorite tv show is Spongebob SquarePants, he would become Mr. Krabs if he had the chance to become a character in any movie, TV show, book, cartoon, etc. Faced with the hard question of what one superpower Payton could have, he said he wants the unique ability, “to shut people up instantly for as long as I want.” The animal that is classified as his spirit animal would have to be the one and only koala. To have the ability to go anywhere for a dream vacation, Payton wants to go to the beautiful state of Alaska. If Payton could invite 4 people (dead or living, famous or not) to dinner, he would pickĀ  Kobe Bryant, Michael B. Jordan, Simba from The Lion King, and Dr. Phil. Good luck with your senior year Payton!