Space Jam: A New Legacy: A Movie Review

Space Jam: A New Legacy: A Movie Review

Dawson Broten, Writer

Space Jam: A New Legacy starring Lebron James is the sequel to Space Jam (1996), my favorite example of a movie that is so bad it’s good. I loved the original, albeit for reasons the creators probably hadn’t intended, and I had high hopes that this one would be just as enjoyable. After watching it, I can very decidedly say that I was wrong. The production is passable, and the acting is okay for a portion of the runtime, but the majority of the film is bloated, overproduced garbage that made me genuinely feel like I was doing a bad thing by giving the company who made it my money.

Lebron James is not an actor, and I’m not going to hold his acting to the standard to which I would hold a professional in his position. But even considering that, Lebron is extremely unconvincing, being shown up by even Ceyair Wright, the child actor who plays his son. The movie also struggles in the scenes where the characters are talking about or playing basketball, which should be Lebron’s time to shine, but even then he feels out of his element. 

The basketball scenes in general were very disappointing. The original managed to surprise me by making regular basketball interesting to watch, while the sequel also surprised me by making basketball where all of the players have superpowers boring. 

The concept they use towards the beginning where the characters travel to several WB properties and see characters that aren’t Looney Toons is interesting, but after a while it begins feeling less like a reference and more like an ad for other, better, products. It almost feels like the producers are reaching through the screen to warn you to stop wasting your time with this garbage heap and go watch something better.

There was exactly 1 scene that I enjoyed in Space Jam: A New Legacy, and it’s the scene that contains Michael B. Jordan. Other than that, I cannot at all recommend you watch it until it’s out of theaters, but if you ever manage to find it on clearance in the bargain bin at Walmart, you might want to consider buying it to use as fuel for your fireplace. If I could, I would go back in time and stop myself from ever watching this movie.

I give Space Jam: A New Legacy a 3/10.