Senior Spotlight With Felicity Camacho


Arelly Arellano , reporter

Let’s all welcome Felicity Camacho to the senior spotlight. Felicity has been at Ponder for 5 years, and those years her favorite teachers are Mrs. J and Mrs. Crider. Her favorite restaurant is BJ’s, but her favorite fast food place is Chick-fil-a. She doesn’t have a favorite type of music because she likes any type of music. When she’s isn’t listening music or going to her favorite restaurant,  she is watching her favorite Tv show, Friends, or reading her favorite book, A Night Divided . She would love to be driving around in her dream car, a Camaro.  If she had the change to be a character of a movie she would be Mater,  from the movie Cars. One of the powers that she wish she could have is to be able to read minds. Her favorite dream vacation would be to visit the Bora Bora where she might see her spirit animal, the flamingo. Four people she would invite to dinner would be Beyonce, Nicki Minaj, Bob Marley and Chris Brown. Good luck with your senior year, Felicity!