Senior Spotlight with Caitlyn Cox


Judith Garcia, Reporter

Caitlyn has been at Ponder for 6 years now, even though she has had many other teachers in her life, her favorite would have to be Coach Threadgill, but her favorite class is study hall. Caitlyn’s spirit animal is a sloth and even though they aren’t known for strength,  she would want to be the strongest person in the world, if she could have one superpower because it just seems cool. Supergirl is strong though, and Caitlyn would choose to be her is she could be any character in a movie, TV show, book, cartoon, etc. Speaking of movies, TV shows, and books Caitlyn’s favorites are Dirty Dancing ,Yellowstone, and The Holy Bible. Caitlyn’s dream vacation is Montana. When Caitlyn finds time to chill, she could cruise around in her dream car, a Dodge Ram 2500 jacked up and blacked out, listening to country music or the theme song of her life, “Stand”by Rascal Flatts. If she wants to hang around she could go to Texas Roadhouse or Chick-fil-a, two of her favorite places to eat. And speaking of eating, the four people she would invite either living or dead, famous or not, are Chris Young, Cody Johnson, Luke Combs, and Reba McEntire. Have a great Senior year, Caitlyn!