Senior Spotlight with Juke Kelley

Mallorie Joplin , Reporter

Vibing with the Jukebox himself in the spotlight this week is the one and only,  Juke Kelley! Juke has been attending Ponder since kindergarten and has made it all the way to senior year. Juke lists some of his favorites and those include his favorite restaurant, Texas Roadhouse to his favorite type of music like Old Country. Juke enjoys hamburgers while watching his favorite TV show, Criminal Minds, and his favorite movie Tombstone by George P. Cosmatos. He rarely enjoys books but tends to be in love with his dream car, a 1977 Ford F-150. In school, his favorite teacher is of course Mrs. Josselet and throughout the day the only class he tends to enjoy is his lunch period. If he could be a character in a movie, TV show, book, cartoon, etc., Juke implies he wants to be Jacob from Twilight and as his most superior superpower, he wants to read minds! Juke believes the theme song that solely represents him is “Big Gansta” by Kevin Gates and his dream vacay includes going to different countries and trying their native food. He says his spirit animal is a killer whale and if he were to have a dinner party and invite 4 people (dead or alive, famous or not) it would be Shaq, Post Malone, Bert Kreischer, and most important…Your mom 🙂