Senior Spotlight with Kassi Ballard


Walsh Guajardo, reporter

Meet Kassi Ballard, also known as Kass to her family. She has been going to Ponder for about 4 years. Her favorite restaurant is Pluckers, but her favorite fast food place is Chick-fi-la. She loves country music and the theme song of her life would be Don’t Worry Be Happy. When she’s isn’t listening to country music or going to Pluckers, she is watching Hunger Games and Vampire Diaries. She loves Koala Bears almost as much as she loves Hummers. Her favorite teacher is Mrs. Box, and her favorite class is OnRamps Physics. If she could have a superpower she would have telepathy. Her dream vacation would be to visit the Bahamas. If she could be a character in a show or movie she would be Lola Bunny. Four people she would invite to dinner would be Zac Efron, Channing Tatum, Ian Somerhalder, and Josh Duhamel. Good luck with your senior year Kassi!