A New King and Queen for 2021


Arelly Arellano , reporter

The 2021 Homecoming court consisted of the following: Princes and Princesses: freshmen- Corban Gragg and Heather Crumpton; sophomores – Tucker Thompson and Jo Stehlick; and juniors Carlos Ochoa and Jada Tropser. The King and Queen senior nominees were seniors Joe Green and Kara Barreraz, Juke Kelley and Alicia Izaguirre, Kassi Ballard and Luke Moser.  Our new royalty for 2021: 2nd runners up were Kara Barreraz and Luke Moser, 1st runners up were Alicia Izaguirre and Joe Green, and the King and Queen were Juke Kelley and Kassi Ballard.