Senior Spotlight with Justyn Rubio


Zoe Beaty , reporter

With only 2 years in Ponder, Justyn Rubio may not be known by many of you, but even if you don’t know him, you’ll surely know Justyn by the end of this article. He loves the metal music and his favorite movie is Wall-E. Speaking of favorites, his favorite book series is Percy Jackson and the Olympians  and in those two years his favorite teacher has been Mrs. J. He would love to have a Rezvani tank (because it has tank in the name :-))  He didn’t really have one place he wanted to visit for a dream vacation, but like many of us, he has many places on his bucket travel list.  And like most of us, he has an ideal superpower he would like to have which “reality bending” much like Dr. Strange in The Avengers. While we’re on the topic of fantasy, Justyn has said to have the spirit animal of a fierce dragon. And lastly, if he was able to invite four people to dinner, dead or alive, he would choose Fredrick the Great, Alexander the Great, Carl von Clausewitz and Sun Tzu. Then after dinner, he would have everyone play a game of Risk.   What an interesting dinner party that would be!  Enjoy your senior year, Justyn!