Mental Health Corner : Anxiety tips and tricks

Mental Health Corner : Anxiety tips and tricks

Hannah Ossowski, Writer

A funny meme on Pinterest says, “You are what you eat.  When did I eat back pain and anxiety?” We laugh, but many of us do suffer with anxiety every day.  Some of us are open about it, and others keep it inside and hope no one notices.  For many it is crippling and affects lives to point that changes have to be made.  For some the anxiety is controllable with medication and life changes are minimal.  And for others, simple tips like we are sharing today will help them to cope.  Covid -19 brought a lot of anxiety to the forefront of many lives.  Some people experienced panic attacks for the first time.  While the best advice is to always seek professional help (Mrs. Frazer or Mrs. Ivy, here at school), we have some tips that can help you manage that mild anxiety that comes around when school can get a little overwhelming.

1) Eat well- easier said than done, but eating healthy does make you feel better.

2) Take a break from the situation that causes you to have anxiety- just walk away- count to ten, twenty or leave the situation completely

3) Get enough sleep- lack of sleep isn’t good for anxiety or anything else.  Admit it- we are all cranky when we don’t get enough sleep!

4) Limit your intake of caffeine-  I know we think we need it…but it really does more harm than good.

5) Do your best – really all we can do

6) Keep a positive attitude through it all – positivity is a win- always!!

7) Laughing goes a long way – laughter is the best medicine, and it makes you feel better.

8) Learn what triggers your anxiety- you may be able to control those factors and eliminate some of the stress in your life.

The most important thing to remember is the Mental Health Matters mantra- It is okay to not be okay.  And ask for help.  There is never any shame in reaching out to someone for help.