Senior Spotlight with Hayden McFarland


Karla Ramirez

Meet senior Hayden McFarland! This jokester has been going to Ponder for about 9 years now. His favorite class is Mrs. Steele’s Video Game Design. When he’s not in that class, he is probably reading Honor Among Thieves or watching Bojack Horseman. His dream car is a Dodge Charger, and he would most likely go to Sonic or Olive Garden his two favorite places to eat. He loves monkeys, just as much as he likes alternative rock/pop. In fact, his theme song would be “Dirty” by Grandson. Hayden’s favorite movie is Weathering with You. His superpower would be time manipulation, he would love to be Percy Jackson, and with that combination, who knows what mischief he would get in to! His dream vacation is a trip to Japan.  The four people he would invite to dinner would be Albert Einstein, Jesus Christ, Robin Williams, your mom, and enjoy the conversation they would all have.  Good luck after senior year Hayden 🙂