Bring on the Night with a Special Homecoming Dance


Mallorie Joplin, Reporter

We have set lots of new traditions this year during homecoming week. On Saturday September 11, 2021, we restarted the  homecoming dance at Ponder! It was a very fun and exciting experience with lots of different genres of music being played. The most liked song that got everybody super hyped was definitely, “Cupid Shuffle” which got the football boys  dancing which was pretty funny! Snacks and drinks were 50 cents and included candy, soda, water, and anything else you could think of! Near the entrance of the cafeteria was our amazing photo wall decorated with colorful balloons and a special ring for the best lighting for photo ops! From the whole crowd jumping and screaming to slow dancing the night away as a sweet country song would play it was a great nightIt was a really interesting night and definitely one to remember. Let’s keep the tradition alive and have this dance continued throughout the years! <3