Eric Thedford- Fresh Prince of Ponder?


Arelly Arellano , reporter

Eric Thedford or Ponyboy has attended Ponder for the past 4 years. While attending PHS, his favorite teacher has been Mrs. J, who gave him his nickname his freshman year after telling him he looked like a young C.Thomas Howell who played Ponyboy in the movie The Outsiders. You can find Eric at his favorite restaurant, Fat Shack or his favorite fast food restaurant, Whataburger. If Eric could have any car he would be driving around in a Ford Raptor blasting his favorite kind of music-rock. The theme song that describes his life is “Fresh Prince” by DJ Jazzy Jeff- maybe he is the prince of Ponder?  His favorite movie of all time is Bruno Mars, and his favorite TV show is Law & Order: SVU. Becoming a character in a book or movie, Eric’s choice might surprise you unless you have read the book, The Great Gatsby, then his choice of being in fact, the great Gatsby- Jay, makes sense. His favorite book is Green Eggs and Ham, and if he had a superpower he would love to teleport.  His dream vacation is a trip to Japan, and the four people he would invite to his ideal dinner are Johnny Depp, Trump, his brother, and Kris.  Now that might be some interesting dinner conversation!  Enjoy the rest of your senior year, Eric!