Senior Spotlight With Rainey Edwards-Nelson


Judith Garcia , reporter

Rainey Edwards-Nelson has attended Ponder for 5 years now. Even though she has had many other teachers, Mrs. Box is her favorite teacher, she teaches Biology which is her favorite class.  Speaking about a teacher that inspires her, her spirit animal is a dolphin. Her favorite restaurant is Chili’s while her favorite fast food place is Whataburger. The theme song of her life would have to be, “Meet Me At Our Spot” by The Anxiety, and her favorite type of music is classic rock.  While her favorite movie is The Breakfast Club , her favorite book is the Rot & Ruin Series,  and her favorite tv show is Attack on Titan. She would choose to be Misa Amane, if she could only choose one person to be.She can travel across Europe (which is her dream vacation) in her dream car, a 1970 Ford Bronco . Rainey Edwards-Nelson would like to fly if she could have one superpower. Lastly, if she could invite 4 people to dinner living or dead she would choose Michael Jackson, Johnny Depp, Kurt Cobain, and Marilyn Monroe. Good luck with your senior year, Rainey!