Free Guy: A Movie Review

Free Guy: A Movie Review

Dawson Broten, Reporter

If I’m completely honest with myself, Free Guy was sort of disappointing. When I first watched the trailer, I was very excited to watch it. It looked dramatic, interesting, and pretty funny, too. It has a strong cast full of charismatic and talented actors, and the script was written by people who have worked on other movies that I really enjoyed. It seemed clear to me that all arrows were pointing towards this movie being an amazing experience.

After actually watching it, though, the best thing I can say about it is that it’s one of the best video game movies I’ve ever seen. Compared to Lara Croft: Tomb Raider (2001) and Mortal Kombat (1995), Free Guy is a masterpiece. Compared to anything else, it’s almost insultingly average.

To its credit, the movie has a pretty strong start. The concept of an entire movie set inside of an open world video game is really interesting, and the world inside the game feels like a place where real people are interacting. As the plot moves along, however, the characters slowly transform into mannequins moving from set piece to set piece, letting one contrived story beat lead them to the next. Ironically, it’s the characters who are playing real people suffer from this the most, while the ones who are playing characters in the game don’t.

Ryan Reynolds fans will be happy to hear that he continues his streak of playing basically the same sarcastic joker character that he does in every other movie. He was pretty funny at times, but there wasn’t anything new or interesting about his performance. 

The rest of the cast is similarly typecast that makes them feel very disposable, like they could be swapped with any other A-Lister and the rest of the movie wouldn’t change in the slightest. This might’ve been an attempt on part of the filmmakers to make the world of the game feel more realistic, but it seems to me like it’s just subpar character writing.

The only actor to escape this fate is Channing Tatum. His cameo appearance is the most funny part of the entire movie, by far. His delivery and facial expressions sell his character extremely well, and it left me laughing days after viewing.

This movie definitely works best as a movie for younger kids. If you have a video game obsessed younger brother or nephew, this is the perfect movie for them. It’s a great movie to turn your brain off while watching. 

I give Free Guy a 6/10.